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Roofing FL: 7 Steps to a Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof can be an intimidating undertaking, especially if it’s something you’ve never had to deal with before. Our team at Ridgecap Roofing knows how daunting a roof replacement can seem, so we’re going to break down the process into seven steps so you know what to expect before you take on this major FL roofing project.


The Initial Appointment

Before we start the work, a member of our team will come to your home to inspect and measure your roof. After we complete our inspection and measurements, we can supply you with an estimate for your roof replacement.


Contracts and Paperwork

After the estimate has been approved, there is some paperwork we have to square away before we can begin to work on your roof. The roofing contractor needs a signed notice of commencement (NOC) along with the signed contract. Florida law requires that the NOC be recorded at the local courthouse. Once we receive the NOC and contract, we can submit the permit to your local building affiliation.


Removing Old Roofing Materials

The first step in the roofing process is to remove the old roofing materials. Once we have cleared the old materials, we check the plywood to ensure that it is nailed down securely and in accordance with Florida code.


Installing the Underlayment

The underlayment is installed directly onto the roof deck and lies between the roof deck and shingles or tiles. It gives your home an extra layer of protection from the elements, such as wind and rain. We install the underlayment according to the manufacturer’s specifications and Florida code.


Replacing the Roofing Materials

This is the last step in the actual roof installation process. Whether the materials are screwed in or nailed down, we install them on your roof following the manufacturer’s specifications and the Florida code.


The Final Clean-Up

While we are working, we do our best to keep the work area and your property clean. After we complete the installation, we do a final clean-up to ensure we don’t leave anything behind. Before we call it done, we ask you to approve our roofing work and confirm that you are satisfied with our clean-up job.


Building Inspections

The last step is to have your new roof inspected by your local building officials. These inspections ensure that all our work is safe and up to code. Roofing in FL follows rigorous standards to ensure everything is safe and secure.


Our team at Ridgecap Roofing is prepared to handle all your FL roofing projects! Contact us for a quote.


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