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3 Things to Know About Wood Shake Roof Repair

Wood shake roofing is a popular choice for homeowners looking for. As a natural and durable roofing material, it’s often one of the most sought-after in Southern Florida. However, before jumping into wood shake roof installation, you should know a few things. 


Here are three essential aspects every homeowner should know about wood shake roofing installation and care.


Natural Beauty and Longevity

One of the key reasons why homeowners choose wood shake roofing is its natural beauty. Wood shakes are made from split logs, giving them a unique, rustic appearance that can enhance the curb appeal of any home. Over time, the shakes weather to a beautiful silver-gray color, blending harmoniously with the natural surroundings. Moreover, wood shake roofing is known for its exceptional durability, especially with proper installation. Further, when properly maintained, wood shakes can last for decades, with a lifespan of around 30 to 50 years. The natural oils present in wood act as preservatives, making it resistant to decay, insects, and even harsh weather conditions.


Energy Efficiency and Insulation

Another highly desirable feature is that wood shake roofing provides excellent insulation properties, making it an energy-efficient choice for homeowners. The cellular structure of wood traps air pockets, which act as a natural insulator, helping to keep the home’s interior cool in the summer and warm during the cooler season. This insulation quality can significantly reduce energy consumption and lower heating and cooling costs. Additionally, wood shakes have a low carbon footprint compared to synthetic roofing materials, as they are biodegradable, renewable, and require less energy to produce.


Maintenance and Costs

While wood shake roofing offers numerous benefits, it requires regular maintenance to maximize its lifespan and preserve its appearance. Routine maintenance tasks include removing debris, moss, and algae and inspecting for damaged or loose shakes – especially during the Floridian storm season. Regular cleaning and applying protective coatings can further help prevent moisture damage and extend the life of the shakes. It’s important to note that wood shake roofing generally has a higher upfront cost than other roofing materials. However, the long-term savings on energy bills and the durability and aesthetic appeal of wood shakes often make them a worthwhile investment for homeowners seeking a natural and timeless roofing option.


Wood Shake Roof Installation | Ridgecap Roofing

Wood shake roofing combines natural beauty, longevity, and energy efficiency. Its unique appearance and durability make it a popular choice among homeowners looking for a long-lasting, visually appealing roofing material. If you want to learn more about professional wood shake roof installation from an experienced and dedicated team, contact Ridgecap Roofing to schedule your consultation.

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